Host & Hostess Tips for Successful Entertaining

Appetizer Preparation • Balance the number of dishes that are made ahead and those with last minute preparation. Offer cold apps that are prepared in advance and hot apps right from the oven. Also, don’t forget to have vegetarian options available!

Eat, drink and be merry! • If hosting a cocktail party, plan for an average of 12 appetizer pieces per person. For a dinner party with an early meal, expect for your guests to enjoy 4 or 5 appetizers and 6 pieces per person, if serving a meal a little later in the evening. On average, each of your guests will have two drinks the first hour and one drink each hour thereafter. Plan ahead and have the number of a taxi service handy!

Variety is the Spice of Life! • Your guests will definitely like trying a wide variety of appetizers so try to avoid repetitive flavours and foods that are all prepared in the same way, such as fried foods. Your appetizers should be full of fresh, distinctive flavours that complement each other.

Get Creative • Serve appetizers in interesting vessels such as bread bowls, cabbage leaves, champagne flutes or even in hollowed out fruit! Your guests will appreciate the creative presentation!

Have a Plan B • Don’t leave your guests hungry! Keep a reserve of snacks and appetizers just in case. Things like finger foods, nut mix, biscotti, olives, popcorn, Kashi* crackers and pita crisps, and of course extra dip & hummus can help save the day!

Take Home Menus • Have you ever left a party and wanted to make the delicious food that you enjoyed there? Your guests would love to go home with some recipe cards of the appetizers, dishes and mixed drinks that you made for them to enjoy!

BONUS TIP • Be sure to serve a selection of fresh and delicious Summer Fresh dips, hummus and salads. Your guests will love the variety of amazing, gourmet flavours.

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